The Many Benefits of Hiring a Consultant

3 Services a Tariff Consultant Can Provide to Your International Sales Business

If you handle international sales as part of your small business, you likely have run into tariff issues. These tariffs are on certain items, vary for different countries, and can become confusing quickly if you are not used to the tariff rules. One way to avoid this is by using a tariff consultant. If you've never used one before, here are three services a tariff consultant can provide to the international sales portion of your business.

Tariff Classification

The first thing a tariff consultant will do is classify your items that are being shipped globally. The classification process will let the consultant know what items will be shipping overseas, where those items will be going, and what items will fall under tariff regulations. This process can take the longest because of the different classifications and the different country rulings on tariffs for specific items.

Tariff Evaluation

Evaluation of your items is different from classification in one major way. That difference is that classification tells you what items will be subject to tariffs and how much those tariffs will be. The evaluation process will take those items and determine how the tariffs will affect the cost of the shipping on the items and shipping times, which will help you determine whether shipping to certain countries should even be considered. For example, you may have a handmade bath item. A country may have a tariff in place on the oil that is used in the bath item. Shipping costs to a country that does not have this tariff may be small, while shipping to the other country may delay shipping several days and double the cost.

Tariff Appeals and Processes

If you have already dealt with high tariff costs and tariff holds on your items, then you may need a consultant to understand your appeal options. A tariff consultant can help you navigate the appeals processes for different countries. Though you may still have delays with the shipment, you will likely be able to get the holds released. You will also understand how to navigate the process later as well. You can also take the time to learn how to avoid these holds and issues later through the previously mentioned consulting and evaluation processes.

These are only three of the services a tariff consultant can provide. Contact a tariff consultant in your area. You can find them working independently or with shipping companies that work on global shipping.

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