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Processes of Archaeological Excavation Using Technology

The study and practice of archaeology and archaeological excavation have changed drastically since its early days. Instead of using only maps, picks and shovels for the excavation, you can now use technology as one of your most important tools. Here are a few of the technological advances and tools that aid in an archaeological survey and the study of the findings. 

Aerial Drone Survey

Aerial drones offer several advancements to the science of archaeology. Drones come in various options depending on your needs. Most aerial drones are equipped with either video capabilities or remote camera capabilities. This allows the archeological team to take images of the full area. These images can help determine if there are any issues getting to parts of the site. For example, you may have debris in your way, dangerous animals or the inability to drive traditional vehicles into the area. The archeologists can take these drone survey images and determine the best way to move into the area and begin the excavation. 

Remote Surveys

Remote surveys deal with infrared and similar images. This type of survey allows the archaeological team to check for underground items or figures. This can help show where a burial site may be. It can also show if there are buildings or foundations that are buried. In addition, some of the remote survey options can also detect underground water, caverns and other topographical areas that should be noted. This type of survey is important since it does help to locate the exact area of the dig and helps reduce the guesswork that may come with traditional methods. 

Soil Testing

You may not think of soil testing as part of an archaeological survey or excavation. The truth is soil testing can be a vital part of archaeological surveying. Soil testing allows for a better understanding of the age of the area. The soil testing can also determine if any changes have occurred at the site. For example, certain soil deposits can show if farming took place and how long ago. It may also show signs of former settlements, erosion and even if lakes or rivers were once at the site. 

If you have an area that you would like to use for an archeological survey, contact a survey group of your choice. They will schedule a time to assess the area and determine what steps need to be taken to isolate the area and begin the excavation. They will also discuss how long the dig may take and any key information you need to know about the process. Reach out to a local archaeological survey service to learn more.

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